Goodness is Hatch-ing at Central Market

It’s that time of year folks! And, like clockwork comes the thought: “I need to get back to Santa Fe, now!” Here are some pics to inspire you to get to the Market and pick up some of this seasonal bounty. Fresh, fresh roasted, pesto, CREAM SAUCE… it’s paradise for the connoisseur chile-head.


I dropped by late in the day on Sunday as they were wrapping up the day’s roasting… the smell is intoxicating. There was a guy hawking Hatch Chile Chicken Enchiladas for a buck – he was trying to get out of Dodge and threw in a second one on the house. Sweet.


I enjoy roasting my own on the grill, but it’s TOO easy to pick up some fresh roasted and get busy. I have plans for my Hatch version of Chile Verde on deck.

Hatch_display_04 GET SOME!