Always time to Pho! A2, P15 at Pho Que Houng in Addison

Needed a fix… and BAD!
People debate the merits of our ubiquitous local Vietnamese chain Pho Que Houng, but on a recent afternoon (and paying for a night out with the guys…) I was happy to have this new addition to our Addison neighborhood.
They even seem happier to take a to-go order over the phone than deal with you during the rush of lunch hour, as I found out.


Above: on a sit down lunch, Pho w/ Vietnamese Meatballs.


Back at the office, and out of the box (don't doddle…): the raw beef, noodles and fixings – I microwaved the broth, then poured over… added my own Shiracha and pickled jalapeñoes (always on hand)… this, along with my spring rolls… – I'm a happy man! – work drifts by as I sup on my soup… This combo is affectionately know among those "That Know" in the office as "A2-P15" – the texting of which elicits much rejoicing.

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