Yutaka Rocks!

Stopped at Yutaka last night, and there was much rejoicing.


(L) Firstly, we can see that they now have valet! Yutaka made a point to tell me that it’s free on Weds and Thurs – 5 bucks on Fri & Sat… as it happens – I got a free spot in front, next to that big white pile – so there…
(R) Blue Fin Toro Sashimi


(L) An Amazing Tomato dish with Cucumber and Shiso Leaf, drizzled goodness and Miso.
(R) Uni Tempura !


(L) Yutaka and crew toil for our pleasure…
(R) White Asparagus w/ like, a Yuzu Aioli, some crab and a Freeze Dried Okra – crazy!


(L) Live Scallop Sashimi – afterword he serves the Liver.
(R) Tea Marinated Rib Eye w/ Taro and Baby Zucchini Tempura.