July 2008

Caffe Fibo-shoppin’

Ran over to Central Market to get “Props” for one of our Adobe TV shows, Caffe Fibonacci – shooting July 30-31 at our Splash Media Studios in Addison.



…and dressing the set…


…and On The Air!


Truluck’s?… Really…Really…

Who woulda thunk it… But, man, did I have a good meal here tonight! After being a chump and going to the Addison Location, I remembered I was due at the Truluck's location off McKinney Ave – the former Fog City Diner… What a great space. Hardly changed from it's original design, it's visually – well, it's just VISUAL, and has a great vibe.



(L) We ordered at the handsome under-lit bar.
(R) Here's Levi, cool bartender dude. (He says you gotta see the Southlake location – I guess I'll have to trek out there…)


(L) Half of the freakin' delicious Hot-House Tomato Salad (w/ Applewood smoked bacon, shaved red onion, creamy Buttermilk dressing and fresh dill).
(R) The North Atlantic Jonah Crab Claws.


(L) Uhh – Live Butter-Poached Norwegian King Crab – TDF. …and Creamed Leeks!
(R) Really yummy Prince William Sound Sockeye Salmon w/ spicy gazpacho and creamy fine herb sauce.

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Second Floor

My Moms took me out for a belated B-Day lunch… I thought we’d check out Gottlich‘s new joint… Second Floor at the newly renovated Westin Galleria.

Second Floor, Part Deux

We started with a tasty bit of Charcutterie, then split a Caesar Salad and the Salmon BLT… Alas no Salmon, so they subbed Skate Wing, making for an interesting sammich. Pretty yummy – Good texture on the bread, just right goopy tartar dressing, tasty bacon – the skate had substantial bite.

We also shared an OK Mushroom Risotto.

Really cool room, should have a nice bar scene at cocktail hour – will come back and check it out…

Scott Gottlich arrived near the end of our late lunch and scampered into the kitchen, backpack in tow… Wonder what we had hiding in there?!

Mico’s Uptown Sunday

Yes, great Guac… Hongas y Rajas… But the real news is the Chelada… A Michelada?
Well, perfect for a 104 afternoon!

Chillin’ in West Village

I cleaned those little dots off of my iPhone camera lens (took a Q-Tip and considerable knuckle grease) – but it’s a new day! Clear pics!

Non-Food Self Promotion

Check it out:

Texas-Based IPTV Producer Relies on Orad’s ProSet to Make a ‘Splash’ at Lone Star Emmy® Awards

Yutaka Rocks!

Stopped at Yutaka last night, and there was much rejoicing.


(L) Firstly, we can see that they now have valet! Yutaka made a point to tell me that it’s free on Weds and Thurs – 5 bucks on Fri & Sat… as it happens – I got a free spot in front, next to that big white pile – so there…
(R) Blue Fin Toro Sashimi


(L) An Amazing Tomato dish with Cucumber and Shiso Leaf, drizzled goodness and Miso.
(R) Uni Tempura !


(L) Yutaka and crew toil for our pleasure…
(R) White Asparagus w/ like, a Yuzu Aioli, some crab and a Freeze Dried Okra – crazy!


(L) Live Scallop Sashimi – afterword he serves the Liver.
(R) Tea Marinated Rib Eye w/ Taro and Baby Zucchini Tempura.

Tesar on the Today Show

Homeboy‘s got the PR machine rockin’ again! Good segment, check it out!

First Look at Pescabar

Couldn’t resist and ran over to Pescabar, Alberto Lombardi‘s new joint in Uptown’s West Village. It’s a pretty cool space – patio will be great in more temperate weather. We had some promising dishes on this packed evening – they had only been open 2 days!



(L) Some Tasty Flat Bread.
(R) A nice selection of Crudo.


(L) A Tuna Crudo preparation.
(R) Delicious Gazpacho.


(L) Scallops & Risotto.
(R) Some dessert deal…


(L) This one rocked: Limoncello Panna Cotta!