The Mansion: Chef’s Table

Here we are at The Mansion (now re-christened the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek) …whatever. On this occasion, we will be dining at the actual “Chef’s Table” which is a large round table in it’s own little room with large windows at the corner of the building… secluded even from the exclusive “Chef’s Room,” which is segregated from the rabble ordering a la carte in the dining room… pshaw! Each version of this escalated dining experience involves Chef Tesar serving multiple courses of specially prepared delicacies. Regardless of your choice of “Chef” experience, you start off with champagne in the elegant little anti-room and begin this culinary craziness with an amazing selection of canapés…



(L) Here you can see part of the view looking toward Turtle Creek.
(R) …and here into the corridor between the patio and dining room.


Above are some of the three trays of Oysters we started with – representing a dozen preparations!


The light is very low, and my poor iPhone could not detail all the dishes! But, here is John with a Whole Baked Striped Bass w/ Porcini Mushrooms and Syrup.


(L) Here is the full menu for the evening – though Chef did make some adjustments and additions!
(R) And here is the goodie bag you take home – having selected from some delicious artisan candies. A nice touch is the handwritten list of wines which were expertly offered by Michael Flynn, the Beverage and Wine director.