Gypped Julep

I was all busy and not paying attention, then one Saturday morning it occurs to me – “Hey, isn’t the Kentucky Derby on today?” Why yes, it is… Every year, on this occasion, I think how fun it would be to attend The Run for the Roses at least once. Perhaps, next year. As Bob Costas hosts the pre-race festivities, I look into hotels and other logistics – for instance, how to weasel into Millionaire’s Row so I can hang with, like, Kid Rock… well, hmm.
I know – we need a Mint Julep! (Each year I also look at the commemorative Silver-Plated Julep Cups and think of buying some – so that the next year I can enjoy the full experience – never do that, either…)
The recipe is simple enough: you need sugar, water, mint and Bourbon.


OK: I am addicted to Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve (my collection showing, above) so the Bourbon is covered. Sugar, water… mint, hmm, no mint.
We are running out of time. Off to the nearest store – a Tom Thumb… no fresh mint. Crap. Albertson’s: nada. Great – it’s on in like 15 minutes and Central Market… is too far. I blew this one for sure, dammit. Wait a second… nah, that’s stupid – you can’t do THAT!


Well, this concoction was an abomination… but I was drinking the damned thing as the horses left the gate – a hollow victory to be sure.


Maybe next year! (Sorry, Pappy.)